Intelligent Planning for


Our society and industries are getting increasingly complex, and it is getting harder to effectively
visualize and manage business activities.

BiTi provides intelligent state of the art
planning, optimization, and visualization tools
suitable for both small and large enterprises.

With the easy to use BiTi tools planning can be
automated, visualized, and managed
from any web based platform.






Healthcare Planning and Scheduling
Healthcare is a field with significant logistics and planning challenges as well as high requirements for efficiency optimization. BiTi provides planning and scheduling optimization tools that help healthcare providers such as primary care institutions, home care providers, and personal assistance companies to monitor, administrate, and streamline their day to day operations. The BiTi planning tools facilitate coordination of shared resources and provide easy to use solutions for optimization and visualization of schedules with conflicting planning goals. The BiTi planning tools support automation of planning tasks and can be adapted to user groups with widely varying levels of IT skills.

IT and Cloud Orchestration
Software systems are increasingly deployed in data centers and provisioned through cloud services. The BiTi orchestration tools provide cloud application developers and infrastructure providers tools to optimize service offerings, reduce the energy footprint of applications, improve the resource utilization of data centers, and visualize and co-optimize application deployments with respect to application quality of service and end-to-end application business level objective constraints.

Software Development
To support application developers and IT system stakeholders, BiTi provides software development and IT architecture consulting services. The BiTi team combines decades of professional software development experience with expertise in advanced technical solutions drawn from state of the art research in cloud, distributed, and high-performance computing. BiTi provides full-stack developer competence on up-to-date development platforms, and can provide software development services in Java, Python, C/C++, C#, Windows/Linux/Mac OSX, cloud, and web (HTML5/D3) environments.

Training and Education
BiTi offers in-house as well as on-site training to clients with growing technical training needs. The BiTi educators have experience from academic as well as industrial training and can offer customized training packages tailored to the needs and interests of individual client groups. Technical training packages range from instruction in use of BiTi products to industrial training in state of the art software development techniques. Custom training material for specific technical needs can be developed on demand.

      ABOUT US 

Founded in 2016, BiTi Innovations is a spinoff company from Umeň University, Sweden, that uses lean startup methodologies to build structures for commercialization of research outcomes from Umeň University. The strategic focus of the company lies on commercialization of systems science and cloud computing results from research on resource management in large-scale distributed computing environments, e.g., scheduling, orchestration, and control systems with broad applicability in a wide range of industrial and automation applications. Based on these results, BiTi is developing product platforms and ICT solutions for planning and scheduling in industry, healthcare, and IT.

BiTi believes in diversity, equal opportunity, and creating an environment where everyone can bring their own creativity and ideas to work.

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